Spanish Conversation (Intermediate)

This course give students the opportunity to put to practice the Spanish language skills they've previously acquired. Students touch on the various cultural, geographical, historical, and political aspects of the Spanish speaking world through discussions, and group activities)

Recommended for:

* Students who want additional conversation practice before enrolling in Spanish 3 course


* Students who want additional conversation practice WHILE TAKING Spanish 3 course


Upon completion of the Spanish Conversation and Culture course, the student will:

  • Improve Spanish conversational skills
  • Have a broader understanding of cultural, geographical, historical and political aspects of the Spanish speaking world
  • Bolster understanding, through group discussions and activities, of Spanish grammar concepts learned at prior levels.



Admission to the Spanish Conversational and Culture course requires demonstration of proficiency of beginning concepts Student must have successfully completed the Transcultural Promotions Languages level 1 and 2 courses, or must demonstrate proficiency in beginning and intermediate concepts.




Location of Classes

We are located at 1 West Campbell Avenue in Campbell, California 95008
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408 207 3075

Highlights of Course (To top)

Through this fun and enlightening program, the student will

  • Practice Spanish speaking skills with other students of similar proficiency level
  • Fortify understanding of level 1 and 2 Spanish grammar concepts
  • Become informally acquainted with advanced concepts such as subjunctive
  • Expand vocabulary knowledge of relevant topics
  • Explore the local Hispanic community where Spanish is spoken
  • Engage in insightful Spanish language discussions
  • Read and discuss Spanish language newspapers, magazines, and other periodicals
  • Explore Hispanic pop culture
  • Learn about recent geopolitcal events and their global impact
  • Study the differences between slang and formal Spanish
  • Analyze and comment on Latin pop music and popular artists
  • Explore differences between American and Hispanic cultures
  • Learn Spanish colloquialisms
  • Explore traditions and lifestyles of the local Hispanic community.
  • Watch film clips of Spanish language movies, news, and television programs
  • Listen to audio of popular Hispanic music and genres

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Vocab/Grammar Topics (To top)

1. Viaje/aeropuerto/ Por y para

2. Direcciones/ Possessive adjectives

3. Los lugares / Direct and indirect object pronouns

4. Comidas, cocinar /

5. Dinero, banco, ingresos/ Verbos como gustar

6. La casa/ Negative and indefinite words

Temas de la temporada: Día De Los Muertos, Día De Acción De Gracias, Navidad


Materials (To top)

Online activity access (including 2 month access to, handouts


Dates, Times, Duration (To top)

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Tuition (To top)

$225 for six sessions (12 hours total) for new students ($195 for returning students)





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